Thursday, February 11, 2010


...the ultimate goal would be a "5 Good Minutes" appearance on PTI.  Hey, Kornheiser, I'm making a trip to Toronto for ya.

Planning Nearly Finished...

So I have made the plans, for better or for worse.  Here are the game dates:

Leg: 1

April 14th - San Francisco Giants vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
April 15th - Oakland Athletics vs. Baltimore Orioles
April 16th - Seattle Mariners vs. Detroit Tigers
April 18th - Los Angeles Dodgers vs. San Francisco Giants
April 19th - Los Angeles Angels vs. Detroit Tigers
April 20th - San Diego Padres vs. San Francisco Giants
April 21st - Arizona Diamondbacks vs. St. Louis Cardinals
April 23rd - Colorado Rockies vs. New York Mets

Leg 2:

April 27th - Milwaukee Brewers vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
April 28th - Kansas City Royals vs. Seattle Mariners
April 29th - St. Louis Cardinals vs. Atlanta Braves
April 30th - Detroit Tigers vs. Los Angeles Angels
May 2nd - Chicago Cubs vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
May 3rd - Chicago White Sox vs. Kansas City Royals
May 4th - Minnesota Twins vs. Detroit Tigers
May 7th - Cleveland Indians vs. Toronto Blue Jays
May 8th - Cincinnati Reds vs. Chicago Cubs

Leg 3:
May 14th - Atlanta Braves vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
May 15th - Florida Marlins vs. New York Mets
May 16th - Tampa Bay Rays vs. Seattle Mariners

Leg 4:

June 2nd - Toronto Blue Jays vs. Tampa Bay Rays
June 4th - Pittsburgh Pirates vs. San Francisco Giants
June 5th - Philadelphia Phillies vs. San Diego Padres
June 6th - Washington Nationals vs. Cincinnati Reds
June 8th - Baltimore Orioles vs. New York Yankees
June 10th - New York Mets vs. San Diego Padres
June 11th - New York Yankees vs. HOUSTON ASTROS
June 12th - Boston Red Sox vs. Philadelphia Phillies

Lone Star State dates to come soon...

This is already giving me a headache.  Anyway, if you're interested, please forward this to anyone you know - friends and relatives to help with a handout, a couch, etc; Southwest Airlines Marketing employees who would like to sponsor my expenses; ESPN anchors for gratuitous publicy; et. al.

I haven't seen Up in the Air, but I've heard it's pretty depressing.  I imagine the next few months could provide for a dearth of human contact, so if you feel like joining me on a leg of my journey, I would be happy to have the company!

Looking forward to starting the trip.  Thanks for any and all help and support!