Monday, March 22, 2010

Some Changes

So I am only a couple of weeks away from starting this crazy process of short Southwest flights, taxis, dumpy hotel rooms, and stadium food.  I've made some changes to the itinerary for my West Coast leg, scheduled to begin when I fly out of Houston on April 13th for San Francisco.  Here's the updated schedule (home team in CAPS):

April 14th, 12:45 PM: SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
April 15th, 7:05 PM: OAKLAND ATHLETICS vs. Baltimore Orioles
April 16th, 7:10 PM: SEATTLE MARINERS vs. Detroit Tigers
April 18th, 1:05 PM: SAN DIEGO PADRES vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
April 19th, 6:40 PM: ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS vs. St. Louis Cardinals
April 23rd, 7:10 PM: COLORADO ROCKIES vs. Florida Marlins

I wish I could watch a game in Denver right after the game in Phoenix, but MLB has sucker-punched me with the scheduling here, so I will be flying out of Phoenix on the night of the 20th to Denver, where I will be staying with my good friend David Cummings.  I know Phoenix is a great city (one of the fastest growing urban areas in the United States), but spending 3 or 4 days in outdoorsy Denver is too hard to pass up.  Plus, I know I'll be staying there for free.

You might be wondering: "Joe, you're an idiot.  There are two teams that supposedly cohabit Los Angeles together, but you've obviously forgotten about them here. Jackie Robinson's Brooklyn Dodgers who fled the Northeast for cozy SoCal? Joe Torre? Manny being Manny and Torii Hunter? A team that isn't actually in Los Angeles but loves to put the city name in front of its official team name anyways? Hollywood, Santa Monica, Rodeo Drive, In 'N Out Burger, Heidi Montag, HOW COULD YOU FORGET ABOUT LA???!!! HOW COULD YOU DO IT, JOE?!!!???"

For all you doubters of my organizational and scheduling capabilities, Los Angeles will merit its own special trip at the end of June when I can visit my best friend, David Atlas, who will be leaving Jay-Z and the bright lights of New York City for the beaches of Santa Monica. I have a feeling I won't be the first or last friend to visit him. We're going to enjoy animal-style burgers, the sun, and the talent, all while cruising down the Pacific Highway in David's new Smart Car.

*An aside: David will punch me if I do not disclose the fact that he will refuse to buy or lease a Smart Car.

So I have some more rescheduling to do, but I will post the new itineraries for each leg in the near future.  If anyone has a friend in Seattle, San Diego, or Phoenix that might be interested in putting me up for a night or two, tell him/her I will buy them dinner and a six-pack (or cheap bottle of vino).

I've given a shot out to David and David for their willingness to help already, but I also need to thank James Pritchett, who has graciously offered his place in Oakland for a day or two at the beginning of my journey.  Looking forward to the Golden Gate Bridge and some pancakes, my man. 

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