Thursday, May 13, 2010

Louisville Slugger Factory and Museum

I'm glad I made the detour to the Louisville Slugger Museum.  It was really cool to see how the bats were made, but unfortunately you can't take pictures on the factory floor.  They were even making Lance Berkman's bats when I was walking through the floor.  Perfect timing but the people there were pretty strict on the no pictures point.

Well I did get some cool pictures and got to take some swings in the batting cage.  I gotta say, I can still swing a baseball bat.  It felt good to get out there and really get some good swings in, especially with a wooden bat.  Who knows, maybe after UBS I'll try out for the Astros.  Just kidding. I wouldn't stand a chance.

Here are some pictures for you to enjoy:

Look at that handsome slugger! He kind of caught me off guard with the picture, though

The sign that you can't see on the right says "The Great Hambino"

"I don't know. Some lady gave it to him. She even signed her name on it...Ruth. Baby Ruth."

Some Astros' love


The Madame Tussaud's part of the Louisville Slugger Museum

 Sultan of Swat

More Astros love. Way to go, Bidge.
The More You Know #1





gabe said...

The Colossus of Clout!
(The Colossus of Clout!)

Craig Biggio is a hero of the highest caliber.

Katherine said...

i second what gabe said about biggio, but i would also like to thank you for "sandlot" references. need some more of those.

scott davidson said...

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