Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Image from http://www.celebrityheights.net/s/arnold-schwarzenegger/image.jpg.

Today I leave the land of BBQ, Longhorn football, and an unidentified win-less MLB team for the Governator, a flailing state economy, and NCAA-reprimanded college athletics programs.  And beautiful weather.

I am really excited to finally kick this thing off.  Here's a more detailed itinerary for the next week and a half:

April 13th, 8:55 PM Fly to San Francisco Airport from IAH.
  • Take the BART to Oakland to stay with James Pritchett (friend from St. John's) the nights of the 13th and 14th.
April 14th, 12:45 PM: SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • See the Golden Gate Bridge, maybe Alcatraz after the game.  Enjoy San Francisco with James and Mark McClure.
April 15th, 7:05 PM: OAKLAND ATHLETICS vs. Baltimore Orioles
  • Night of April 15th: Stay with Mark McClure (not my cousin, another friend from St. John's) in Palo Alto.
April 16th, 6:00 AM (hopefully): Wake up and go to the Oakland airport with Mark. I will owe him breakfast. Too bad In 'N Out doesn't have taquitos. 9:00 AM flight to Seattle/Tacoma that lands at 11:00 AM.
  • Take the train into downtown, hopefully see the sites.
April 16th, 7:10 PM: SEATTLE MARINERS vs. Detroit Tigers
  • Lodging TBD.
  • April 17th, wake up early and hit Pike's Place (famous fish market recommended by Rachel Funk) and other tourist spots.  
  • Fly out of Seattle/Tacoma to San Diego @5:35 PM. Land at 9:25 PM. A surprisingly long flight...public transportation to the Doubletree downtown.  Don't worry - I'm getting a good rate.
April 18th, 1:05 PM: SAN DIEGO PADRES vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • Flight after the game from San Diego to Phoenix at 9:25 PM. Land at 10:35 PM. Much more manageable.
  • Stay at Scott Cabaniss's place in Scottsdale (again, hopefully).  Scott and I worked together at the Yankees.
April 19th, 6:40 PM: ARIZONA DIAMONDBACKS vs. St. Louis Cardinals
  • April 20th, 6:55 PM flight to Denver that lands at 9:40 PM.  Stay with David Cummings (friend from The Village School).
  • Absolutely enjoy Denver - being outside, maybe fishing, talking sports, watching the NFL draft, etc.
April 23rd, 7:10 PM: COLORADO ROCKIES vs. Florida Marlin

Saturday, April 24th. Depart Denver at 2:34 PM and arrive in Houston at 5:54. End of Leg 1.

Cumulative totals: 6 cities, 6 stadiums.

Special thanks in advance to: James, Mark, Annie, Rachel, Scott, David A. and David C.  This leg would have been prohibitively expensive without your help.  I look forward to seeing those of you that are in California/Washington/Colorado over the next week and a half.

Let's get this thing going.  I can't wait to write my next review.  Until then - hasta la vista, baby.


Katherine said...

you better go to the pirogi place in the seattle market. i hear it's unreal.

Anonymous said...

safe travels good sir. i'm forever jealous.