Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Top Ten

Another Yankees colleague, Matt Greenberg, suggested I discuss any preconceived notions I might have had about the stadiums and rank my expected top ten.  There are definitely a few that I was really excited about before I took off from Houston, and it will be interesting to compare my own experiences to popular opinion, television, and the like.  The list, please....

10. AT&T Park - I really did want to see the park by the bay and compare it to Minute Maid Park. Can't say I was disappointed.

9. Citi Field - Even though I worked in New York for seven months for the Yankees, I didn't make it to Citi Field once.  Maybe it's good I've waited a while to go there, just in case the 27th World Series Championship - colored glasses haven't worn away yet.

8. Coors Field - Always wanted to go to Coors. Always. Supposed to be a beautiful park, and I'm excited to see if the beer there really is as cold and fresh as the Rockies.

7. Target Field - The only new stadium this year, so of course I'm excited to go see an outdoor ballpark in Minnesota...right?!!?!? At least it'll be in May. And I wanna see Joe Mauer rake.

6. Busch Stadium - I have to see the new stadium, and I've always wanted to go see our division rival in their home park.

5. Turner Field - Probably not exciting to some, but the Braves just oozed success in the 90s.  I was infinitely jealous of their playoff streak and their white warning track.

4. Camden Yards - One of the great American League ballparks, I've heard nothing but awesome things about Camden. 

3. Yankee Stadium - OK, so I worked there for seven months. I get it. But it really is a beautiful stadium, and they're playing the Astros. This should be the highlight of my trip. But given the Astros dismal start, the game itself might not be fun.  I really want to see Roy Oswalt vs. Andy Pettitte.  And I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone in the office again.

2. Wrigley Field - How could I not want to see Wrigley Field and all its ivy? The only disappointment is I won't be seeing the Astros play.

1. Fenway Park - It was tough to decide between Wrigley and Fenway for the top park I wanted to see before the trip started, but there's this crazy mystique around Bostonians and their beloved Fenway, I really have to see what all the fuss is about.  Not to mention they're a great team and will be playing the Phillies when I'm there. Yikes. I should probably get a ticket to that one right NOW!

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