Saturday, April 17, 2010

Seattle Thank Yous

SUPER big thanks to Ms. Annie Hirschhorn, who hosted me yesterday and took me around the public markets today.  My first Seattle experience was truly one to remember, and it wouldn't have been that way had it not been for Annie's generosity.  Another big & special thanks to Chandan, Annie's roommate, for putting up with me this weekend and coming down DURING work so I could stash my luggage in her car. Awesome.  I look forward to seeing you both again. I guess I have to thank David Atlas, who helped me to get in touch with Annie. I'm thanking you, David, but I don't want to.

Thanks to Pat for driving us around all night last night and dropping off my camera cap this morning.  The game and Ozzie's were a great time, even if I forgot to grab an Ms hat last night.

 Annie and Chan with our pre-game beverage: canned champagne.

 Annie, Pat, and Chan

Pike's Place

Handmade cheese store. Great mac 'n cheese. Courtney Blackburn would love this place!


Alan said...

OK Joe I have a Seattle-related multi-part trivia question for you. This may be real easy as I don't have a sense yet for your knowledge of historical baseball trivia. So I apologize if this is a kindergarten-level question -

What current team got its start in Seattle? What year did it start and how many years did that team play in Seattle? What was the team's name in Seattle? What book was written about that team's season, who wrote it, and to what team was he traded during that season?

Joe Herman said...

The Brewers were the Seattle Pilots for one year in the late 60s.

I don't have a clue about the book during that team's season....

Most of my baseball-related knowledge revolves around the 30s and 40s Yankees/Brooklyn Dodgers, the Hall of Famers and their statistics.

Keep the trivia coming, though! I'm trying to figure out a good way to implement it into the blog format.

Alan said...

1969. That's the season about which Jim Bouton wrote Ball Four. A must-read if you have yet to read it. Late in 1969 Bouton was traded to the Astros.