Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some Logistics

A friend and colleague of mine from the Yankees, Adam Raiken, suggested I include some of the traveling logistics of my trip.  You suggest, I follow.

In order to keep the entire thing on some sort of a budget, I split my trip into four basic geographical zones and will be using Continental miles for each trip out of Houston.  Next week, for instance, I am using miles to get from Houston to San Francisco.  Within each zone, however, I will be using Southwest fares - about $50 per flight - to get from city to city.  There are some pretty big risks here: 1) missing a flight would be catastrophic to my schedule, and; 2) not using a car opens me up to some pretty serious cab costs.  I'm willing to bank on some help from friends/family in alleviating any lodging and transportation costs, which I will most likely repay in Subway $5 footlongs and cheap beer.

My traveling companions on my West Coast swing will be a Kirkland carry-on recently purchased from Costco, as suggested by my uncle, an SLR camera and bag, and a briefcase with my laptop/iPad.  I will try to use my iPad as much as possible during this part of the trip to see if I can manage blogging and uploading pictures without the hard keyboard/processing of a regular laptop.  We'll see if it can work with these totes; if not, I'll make the necessary adjustments as I get further along.

I'll include daily updates of my travel plans in my stadium reviews, but this should be a pretty good primer.


Alan said...

Joe - in writing your thesis did you read "The Politics of Glory" by Bill James?

Joe Herman said...

I did. That was the main resource I used for the thesis. Tons of good information, but I disagreed with some of his arguments, namely making a fan vote somewhat relevant to the process.