Friday, April 2, 2010

Finalized Plans

Wow.  After some major time spent on the computer while watching Kindergarten Cop, I've finally figured out the rest of the plans.  The schedule is as follows:

April 27th, 7:05: MILWAUKEE BREWERS vs. Pittsburgh Pirates
April 28th, 1:10: KANSAS CITY ROYALS vs. Seattle Mariners
April 29th, 12:40: ST. LOUIS CARDINALS vs. Atlanta Braves

*Wedding and engagement hiatus*

May 2nd, 1:20: CHICAGO CUBS vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
May 3rd, 7:10: CHICAGO WHITE SOX vs. Kansas City Royals
May 4th, 7:10: MINNESOTA TWINS vs. Detroit Tigers
May 7th, 7:05: CLEVELAND INDIANS vs. Detroit Tigers
May 8th, 7:10: CINCINNATI REDS vs. Chicago Cubs
May 10th, 7:05: DETROIT TIGERS vs. New York Yankees

Leg 3

May 14th, 7:35: ATLANTA BRAVES vs. Arizona Diamondbacks
May 15th, 7:10: FLORIDA MARLINS vs. New York Mets
May 16th, 1:40: TAMPA BAY RAYS vs. Seattle Mariners

Leg 4

June 2nd, 7:07: TORONTO BLUE JAYS vs. Tampa Bay Rays
June 4th, 7:05: PITTSBURGH PIRATES vs. San Francisco Giants
June 5th, 7:05: PHILADELPHIA PHILLIES vs. San Diego Padres
June 6th, 1:35: WASHINGTON NATIONALS vs. Cincinnati Reds
June 8th, 7:05: BALTIMORE ORIOLES vs. New York Yankees
June 10th, 1:10: NEW YORK METS vs. San Diego Padres
June 12th, 4:10: BOSTON RED SOX vs. Philadelphia Phillies

I am going to be driving across the great state of Ohio (and a teeny bit of Michigan) for the Indians, Reds, and Tigers games, and I'm hopeful I'll get to see why Ohio is such an important state, politically speaking.  Hopefully there are no rainouts, or I'm in trouble.  I think that takes care of it, except for LA and the Texas teams, of course.  I'll hit LA at the end of June and see the sites in David's Smart Car, and the Astros and Rangers will be attended at my leisure.

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